Action under section 4 (1) (b) of Right to Information Act-2005 by public authority

Sr.No. Point Action
Particulars, functions and duties of the organization
Departmental Information
  • To undertake research and survey work for economic, social, cultural and educational development schemes for backward classes - including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, nomadic castes and other backward castes.
  • To develop the process of design, planning and implementation of various development plans.
  • To study, evaluate and recommend amendments / additions and improvements to the development programs being run for the welfare of backward classes.
  • To store and publish multidisciplinary material in relation to welfare / development of backward classes.
  • Preparation of practical plans for the development of backward classes when required.
  • To train personnel (officers and employees) engaged in the work of welfare of backward classes in the context of formulation and smooth implementation of various development schemes.
Powers and duties of officers and employees
Research Officer
  • Various works under executive orders issued by the Director from time to time.
  • Control and guidance of the work of Additional Statistical Officer / Assistant Statistical Officer.
Additional Statistical Officer
  • Preparation of study design related to research survey and evaluation study.
  • Collection of field surveys and data on a conceptual basis.
  • Compilation of required data / materials from libraries and other records.
  • Computation, tabulation and numerical analysis of data / materials.
  • To undertake extensive tours of selected places in the study to collect data.
  • Assisting the research officer in preparing the first account of the study report and finalizing it.
  • Guiding the Assistant Statistical Officer and taking control of their work.
  • Program planning and monitoring work.
  • Other work assigned by directors and officers.
Assistant Statistical Officer
  • Work under the guidance and control of Additional Statistical Officer.
  • Assistance to Additional Statistical Officer in preparing the design related to the study.
  • To undertake extensive tours of selected locations to collect data.
  • Collection of necessary data / material from libraries and other records.
  • Computation and tabulation of data.
  • Other work assigned by directors and officers.