Objectives and prescribed work of the Institute

The following objectives of this Institute have been set by Government Order No.-1261/26-H-86-850-84, dated 15 January 1987:-

  • To undertake research and survey work for economic, social, cultural and educational development schemes for backward classes - including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, nomadic castes and other backward castes.
  • To develop the process of design, planning and implementation of various development plans.
  • To train the personnel (officers and employees) engaged in the work of welfare of backward classes in the context of formulation and smooth implementation of various development schemes.
  • To study, evaluate and recommend amendments / additions and improvements to the development programs being run for the welfare of backward classes.
  • To store and publish multidisciplinary material in relation to welfare / development of backward classes.
  • Preparation of practical plans for backward classes, when required.

The main objective of this Institute is the development of the process method of designing, planning, implementing and implementing various development schemes for the weaker sections of the society including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Delegated Castes, evaluating the plans and providing the personnel involved in the implementation of these schemes to provide training. The following four divisions have been approved by the Government of India for the performance of its functions:-

  • Research, Survey and Evaluation Division.
  • Training Division
  • Planning and Statistical Division.
  • Documentation, Data Bank, Museum and Publications Division.

There are currently 40 posts created in the research Institute, against which a total of 19 officers and employees are employed. In addition to the research, survey and evaluation division, the work of training division is also being conducted.